How it works

PeakProtect kicks in as soon as a traffic peak occurs.

A queue is applied to users to avoid system downtime. In the meantime, users are presented with tweets and custom brand content.

Traffic is managed through a controlled flow of users. Performance remains optimal and your users’ journey is unaffected.

Enable largest worldwide sales events

PeakProtect already manages more than 100 million unique visitors.

Manage your omnichannel sales events in granular detail

Set up your opening and closing times, manage your maximum accepted load, and share capacity across your channels.

Control your communication and improve your customers’ experience

PeakProtect prevents a website crash during, e.g., social media buzz. It helps you control your communication 24/7 to ensure a seamless customer experience on your website.

Control your PeakProtect settings

Personalize the waiting page

Integrate your social media

Get real-time reporting

Simple, bulletproof, efficient

  • Advanced anti-robot protection
  • Custom domain (e.g.,
  • Loadbalancer or Javascript level integration
  • URL pattern matching
  • API integration

PeakProtect manages overload traffic for more than 50 websites for fairs, music festivals, stadia, live events, retail and sports tournaments.

Questions & answers

Since 2001, we had been handling the ticketing solution for the ticket shop of the Paléo Festival Nyon, Switzerland. As one of the biggest festivals in Europe, the festival is often sold out, and there is a huge demand for tickets.

As an “Innovation Partner” of Paléo Festival Nyon we decided to take on the challenge and develop a system to manage the online load that occurs in the first seconds of the opening of sales.

In 2015, we launched PeakProtect. The solution has been specially designed to control flow at peak times and ensure transactional websites do not get more load than they are designed for.

In 2016, more than 20,000 “Paléo tickets” were sold within 12 minutes.

If your website is static, then you are better off with a content delivery network (CDN). If your web site is transactional, such as a webshop, or a registration system, you are likely to have limits. These can be due to the database, the firewall, a legacy system, the limits your SaaS/Cloud provider sets on your account, or simply the amount of time and money you want to put in optimizing and load testing your system. This is where PeakProtect comes in. PeakProtect is used for dozens of events every year, so you have the security of a proven system.

With PeakProtect you link your traffic limit to your system capacity. PeakProtect redirects the traffic above the limit to a waiting page that has no capacity restrictions.

PeakProtect’s key added value is rapid response to unpredictable, high-volume traffic.

PeakProtect is currently used by the biggest annual sport event in the world. We can manage traffic generated by more than 50 million facebook and twitter followers.

Your account can be opened in minutes. We offer several integration methods. One of them will fit your needs. Our experts can help you with this process, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

You have several options:

  • Use Javascript integration
  • Integrate at the loadbalancer/application level, through an iRule (BigIP F5), or through a Java filter or Apache module.
  • Set PeakProtect to manage the landing URL ( and either redirects to your site (e.g., or to the waiting room, depending on the load.

Not at all. PeakProtect is available as a service.

Interested? Contact us


PeakProtect is the online waiting room system that manages overload traffic, online events and flash sales. Production-proven on the greatest worldwide events, designed by users, it provides a unique feature set that allows operations teams to be in full control when a peak hits. PeakProtect maintains customer-facing site performance, continues the flow of online transactions, and thus improves the customer’s experience.

Not yet ready for your next big online event? No worries.

You can be ready in minutes with PeakProtect.



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SecuTix is a ticketing solution developed by ELCA. It is for professionals in the fields of entertainment, leisure and events who wish to expand their offering, increase revenue and excel in managing their customer relationships.

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